Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Your Mind Has Been On The Things Of The Earth

I went to church last Sunday with a prayer in my heart asking my Heavenly Father for answers.  I was feeling very much like I was not in control of my life.  When I got to church I was being reminded of how much time and effort I have been putting into my work life getting it organized and working it, but I wasn’t putting any effort into organizing and doing my my spiritual life.  I said another prayer, asking Heavenly Father that if this really was the answer that I would hear it again during the day’s talks or lessons.

The confirmation came in the first talk, and every talk and lesson throughout the day.  I came home very sure of the message my Heavenly Father wanted me to have!

Our youth speaker gave a wonderful testimony of how if you ask, you will receive answers and why not ask all the time, after every sunday school lesson and so on.  Our next speaker talked about bringing the light of Christ into your home and also asking “what lack I yet” or in other words, what is keeping me from progressing.  Our final speaker reminded us of how important it is to do those daily spiritual activities to stay strong and keep the Spirit with you.

In Sunday School, when the scripture Doctrine & Covenants 30:2 was read:  “But your mind has been on the things of the earth more than on the things of me, your Maker, . . .” I knew He was talking to me, that is exactly how I have been lately.  The lesson manual quoted Elder Neal A. Maxell saying, “ Divine guidance is so crucial . . . that we need to go out of our way to put ourselves in a situation in which such special help can be given.  President David O. McKay spoke of how the morning hours, before we are cluttered with the cares of day, are especially conducive to inspiration.  Others have felt that solitude and reading the scriptures can create an atmosphere conducive to the Spirit and can be developed.  After all, to read the words of Christ already before us is a good thing to do before asking for more.”

Then in our last meeting of the day, Relief Society, I was reminded about how the Lord wants us to feel joy in the every day.

When I got home from church, I couldn’t stop, I felt how powerful all of these messages were to me in that moment so I continued my research.  I found an article entitled “Make the Exercise of Your Faith Your First Priority” by Elder Richard G. Scott.  His suggestions were: 1) prayer (make your morning prayer a preview of your day and your nightly prayer a review of your day with your Heavenly Father); 2) scripture study (he said it is more important than sleep, school, work, etc.); 3) Family Home Evening; and 4) Temple Attendance.

I also came across the idea of doing Daily Devotionals where you gather together to share uplifting messages, read scriptures, listen to music and participate in discussions.  I love this idea so much I want to implement it with my family in our family Facebook group since my kids are grown and living their own lives, but I would still like us to connect spiritually.

Wow, what a great day of talks, lessons, study and messages, I was truly spiritually fed!

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