Monday, August 8, 2016

Looking for the "Be Happy" Every Day

I have been having a paradigm shift happening lately and I've been changing a lot of different things.  I have also been trying to find little ways to connect with friends.  As I have been finding these different ways to connect, it has been making me sad because I know I would have found a fun way to connect with Stacey who died in October.  As I have been pondering this and wondering what I could do about it, someone mentioned to me that whenever she sees a ladybug, she knows it is a connection with someone close to her who has passed on.  She said I should be looking for something that reminds me of Stacey in my every day life as a symbol that she is still connecting with me.   At first I thought maybe the sun or sunshine as at her funeral it was mentioned that "that was her color."  But then on Sunday during Sacrament meeting I was thinking about it and I thought about how I got a stamp at my CTMH convention that says "Be happy" and that reminded me of how she would always say that to me.  Then a friend gave me a mug that says "be happy" because she knew that's what Stacey would tell me.  I felt really good about looking for the "be happy" every day and knowing that was my connection with her.  Then right after Sacrament meeting, a friend was showing me a picture and in the picture the words "be happy" were written, I couldn't believe how quickly my desire to feel connected to Stacey was answered!  With that connection in place, I will now be looking for that and I hope she feels connected with me as well when I notice the be happy's in my every day!

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