Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stick Up For Yourself

I hate it when I am feeling frustrated and I have been feeling that way for several months now.  I have been talking to my husband about it and realizing that I am being very codepdent with so many things which I have to admit frustrates me even more.  I was also telling him about some things that made me panic, I was giving him a scale between 1-10 with 10 being where I panic the most.  As I listed items and where they fit on that scale, he commented on how interesting he thought it was that the items that panicked me the least were the most codependent.  Wow, that was an eye opener for sure.  I panic the most over items that are more for me and that really blew my mind.

I really had to take a step back and re-think things.  I was remembering about someone I worked with who had a specific routine that she did every day when she got home which included things like picking out her clothes for the next day, etc.  She was very adamant about sticking with that routine, no matter what.  I was thinking that I needed to do that too, that I need to be adamant about doing that basic routine that I need to help me with my self-care items (what I call my breathe strategies).  So I decided to focus on that this week and it went really well, I got so much more done, I felt better and I was a lot less frustrated!  So what did I learn, I learned that it is ok to stick up for yourself, it is ok to demand what you need for yourself.  In the end you will be less frustrated and more available to those around you.

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