Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fear Into Faith

Several months ago there was a talk given at church that was so amazing I just had to take some notes.  I was writing fast, so some of the notes might not be completely understandable so I apologize for that, but maybe some of these notes might be helpful to you.

Fear is a thought, it is doubt, change yourself, fear sometimes turn into anger, figure out your fear and the anger will go away.
Pay attention to your thoughts
Singing a song
Mantras - a thought that is yours ie I am safe, say it over and over. Until it becomes you
Quotes - positive thoughts
Pictures - all over the house
Service - lose yourself in service
Exercise and eating healthy
Find something that you like to do
Learning to accept ourselves you have to know who you are
Read Pat blessing
Learn about personal revelation, how do you receive answers to prayers 
Forgiveness letting go of all that is in us 
Read your scriptures
Pray talk to Heavenly Father
Write in your journal 
The Lord wants to help us internally
Josiah 24 
Most of the worlds problems are externally
Be of good comfort
Give the Lord access to your heart, you will feel his peace internally

Thank you TS for such a wonderful talk, I loved it.

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