Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back To A Paper Planner

I've mentioned in the past that I love organization and and planners.  At the beginning of this year I got the new Everday Life Planner from Close To My Heart and started using it.

I'm a huge proponent for if something isn't working, try something different.  For the past several years I have been trying to do my planner all digitally, but as I have been using my new paper planner I have been realizing how much of my life has been slipping by the wayside and how much the digital planner wasn't working for me.  I don't know if it is my love of paper or the visual aspect of the paper planner, or probably both, that is helping me do better with my life organization.  

One of the best things that I have been doing, is focusing more on my goals.  Shortly after Taylor got home from her mission she shared with us how missionaries make and review their goals.  So using her guidance I also added weekly and monthly goals to my planner and that is making a huge difference in getting things done, but most importantly, making sure I do my Breathe strategies daily to stay on top of my depression.  The best part about all of this, besides the really cute planner, is that I feel better emotionally!

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