Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Melt Downs

So I had a mini meltdown this weekend, I just had had enough of things and felt so worn out and it was just one little thing and that broke the dam holding back the flood gates.  The interesting thing is that I wasn't the only one having melt downs over the weekend.  After talking to a few other people, they admitted to having one as well.  After all the tears and talking with my husband, I realized, once again, that I haven't been doing my breathe strategies for months.  I'm always hoping that I will be able to get off my depression medications, but as we talked I realized that I need to accept that this may be a permanent thing and that treating it that way is probably a good thing for now.  We talked about how my husband has a disease, diabetes, and how he has to do certain things every day to manage it.  He likened that to my depression being a disease or whatever you want to call it and that I need to do certain things every single day to manage it and when I don't I have adverse reactions.  Truthfully I don't know if my meltdown was connected to the depression, hormones or just feeling overwhelmed but either way I wasn't doing anything in my life at the time to help manage any of those things.  So it is back to doing my breathe strategies for me and my husband is checking up with me to make sure I do those.

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