Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Keep Moving

I definitely overindulged over the weekend and I am feeling it!  I can't believe that I used to feel like this all the time and didn't even realize how bad I felt.  I'm supposed to be on a low fat, low fiber diet for my Gasteroparesis, but I really didn't do any of that over the weekend.  So today it is back to eating right and moving my stomach.  Because the nerve that makes my stomach contract isn't working properly I pretty much rely on stomach acid and gravity to move the food through.  My nutritionist wants me to walk everyday too which moves the stomach as I walk and can help aid in the digestive process. 

This morning I had a song running through my head, Shake It Off, by Taylor Swift and so I kept doing just that.  As I stood there brushing my teeth, folding laundry, etc, I just kept moving my body to move my stomach and thinking "shake it off" as I did.  It reminded me of what Denise Austin calls "fidgitcising" so anytime when you normally would just be standing (like when you are cooking) or sitting (like when you are talking on the phone) also do some sort of simple exercise.  I did do my walk today, but the second that I stopped moving I felt sick to my stomach again and I could feel this heaviness inside my stomach.  I will definitely keep "shaking it off" and keep moving the rest of the day.  Feeling like this is a bad reminder of what not taking care of yourself feels like.

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