Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I know my posts have been far and few the last few months, but to be honest I am really struggling.  Once I received my diagnosis of Gasteroparesis I guess I lost my way.  It's not that it is a huge awful thing, it really isn't and some people have it so much worse than I do, at least I don't throw up all the time.  I think its just that even though it is a smaller event in my life, it is life altering.  It doesn't help that some childhood stuff triggered around the same time as well and between the two physical and emotional events I'm just scrambling for my footing. 

Next week I get to go to the annual Close To My Heart convention, this will be my 13th convention and I will be celebrating my 20th Anniversary with the company this year at the event.  As I think about going to this event I am planning how I will eat, if I need to take food, what I can find there that will work for my stomach and so on.  But I have to admit, despite the food issue, I am really looking forward to the convention.  I always find inspiration at convention, spiritually, emotionally and for my business.  Just as New Year's brings on resolutions, a new school year brings on routine, convention, for me, brings on renewal.  I love to plan for a whole new year of creativity for myself and my customers.  I love the new ideas and hope for a great upcoming year!  After the last several months, I really need something energizing and new!