Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just 3 Hours

One of the things I have just started doing to help pull myself back together after a rough March and April is going back to my favorite app "30/30."  I've posted in the past about the "Ideal Day" concept and I was playing around with it in my app, putting all the different files I have in there into one long one just to see what would make the most sense of my ideal day and it suddenly hit me that it would make more sense to have one file with all of the most important items together not necessarily my whole ideal day.  I have also mentioned the "Power Hour" idea where you do a focused hour on what needs to be done the most and then after that you work on what ever you would like.  So I kind of did a mash-up of the Ideal Day and Power hour.  I have 3 areas that I felt like need attention daily which are 1) self-care, 2) chores and 3) my home-based business.  So I created a file in 30/30 that is 3 power hours all together which is 3 hours, right, make sense?!  So no matter what is going on, no matter how I feel, I have been telling myself that "it's just 3 hours."  I can totally do just 3 hours and then I can fill the rest of my day with other things that need to be done.

My self-care power hour includes a half-hour of taking a shower and putting make-up on.  These are important because they make me feel better about myself.  The other half of the power hour is a half-hour walk which is a new requirement from the doctor for my Gasteroparesis.

My chores power hour includes 15 minutes of straightening up my bedroom and a little bit of laundry, 15 minutes cleaning up the kitchen and a half-hour of a weekly chore (one day it is vacuuming, another dusting, another the bathroom and so on).  Being a housewife, this is important to me that my husband can come home to a house that is in order and doing a little bit every day accomplishes this.  After my 3 hours I can always come back to something if it needs extra attention (sometimes I'll even pause the 30/30 app if another minute or two will finish up the kitchen).

My business power hour includes 15 minutes of online work, 15 minutes of business work such as placing orders, banking, etc., 15 minutes of customer communications and 15 minutes of creative work.  Again, after the 3 hours is up I can work on anything that needs extra attention.

Once that final alarm goes off I take a break and then do whatever else needs doing the rest of the day or if I'm having an off day then I take care of myself.  I'm loving this and if I keep telling myself that it is "just 3 hours" I think it is something that I can continue doing daily.  I even did it last Saturday and I just loved it.  I'll keep you posted on my progress! :)