Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diagnosis is . . . Gasteroparesis

Many of you know that I have been having stomach problems for the last several years (in all honesty I have had problems with my stomach since around 19 and was diagnosed with Gastritis then).  In the last few years we found out that I was having gallbladder problems which was solved almost a year ago with emergency surgery.  Also, a hiatal hernia was found which I will most likely have surgery on some time this year.  I have gone through a lot of different tests and finally in the last month a diagnosis was delivered.

I have Gasteroparesis (gastero - stomach + paresis - paralysis) and this was finally found through a stomach emptying study.  So apparently the nerve that controls the contractions of the stomach has been damaged and so it isn't functioning properly or at all (I don't have that answer yet, I still need to meet with the doctor).  Unfortunately, this isn't something can be healed so I just need to change my lifestyle.

Last Friday I met with my new Nutritionist and she put me on a special diet.  For the first two days of this diet I was to be on clear liquids only.  I had apple juice, Jello, popsicles, Gaterade and lots of water.  I wasn't hungry per se, but I sure was missing biting into something.  The rest of the week I was on a no fat, no fiber food plan.  This wasn't too bad as I got to eat food again, but I had a hard time getting enough calories and boy I could feel a major drop in my energy levels.  A few days ago I was able to start the low fat, low fiber portion of the food plan.  I do this for a week, then I can start trying foods and see how I do with them.

I have been very strict in putting down everything I eat into the Myfitnesspal app (oh, I found out that I can connect my Fitbit app with Myfitnesspal and it is so cool to have it all in one place).  I also have been putting down notes as to when I have symptoms.  Unfortunately, I don't meet with the doctor until the end of May so I will have to wait for a few answers, but in the meantime I'm trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat to relieve my symptoms.  I'm just really grateful to have an answer! 

I keep thinking about the first specialist that I saw, he was convinced that there was nothing wrong with me.  He told me that he would do the testing and find nothing.  I'm so glad I changed doctors because we found three serious things.  I have a friend who says you are your best doctor and I definitely believe that after all of this!