Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Living Christ

In our Relief Society class on the first Sunday of this year, our Relief Society Presidency announced some goals for all of us.  One of the goals was to memorize The Living Christ, to read it click on this link: 
A few of us looked at each other like they were crazy!  I thought that might be a bit of a challenge so I told my friend that I thought instead I would just read it during the passing of the sacrament each Sunday.  So I started that next week, I read through the whole thing once and then just focused on the first paragraph.  I have been doing this for several weeks now and have been surprised by a couple of things.  First, it really helps me focus on the Savior during the Sacrament which I should be doing anyway.  I think more about Him and His life and the sacrifice He made for me.  The second thing is, I am actually remembering the first paragraph after giving it so much focused attention each week.  So I think I will keep going and in February I'll continue to read the whole thing through once and then focus on the second paragraph.  So maybe our Relief Society Presidency's goal wasn't so crazy after all.

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