Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Food Storage Planning

My husband and I have been talking and rethinking our food storage plan lately and looking at various companies to try out their products.  As I was thinking about how my food storage is organized on my shelves, I decided that I wanted to create a Word document with cells representing each rolling shelf (I have two Shelf Reliance shelves one that holds only #10 size cans and one that holds a variety of sizes of cans) and another sheet representing the regular shelves of food storage that I have.  This is the page showing the rolling shelves.  Each cell represents a rolling can section, what is on that rolling shelf and how many.  As we have been rethinking what we want on the shelves I think I will write in red what we actually want on that shelf as we start buying new things.  A friend had a great idea to laminate it once it is the way we want it then we can keep it in the kitchen and change it as we use items which I think is a great idea.  It is a process and I'm just getting started so I'll keep you posted on how it is coming along.

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