Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Creating Your Own Strategies

To the left of this post is what I have what I call my "Breathe Strategies."  Just as much as I need to take my medication daily, I need to use my strategies daily as well to help me with my depression and anxiety. 

As I was talking to Taylor the other day a thought came to me that I would like her to have her own strategies to help her on her mission.  I asked her what her favorite word was and she said, "believe."  So we thought of strategies that would go with that word and came up with some actions that she would be able to do while on her mission to go along with each strategy.  This is what we came up with:

B-Be still (prayer, meditate, comforting things)
E-Energize (exercise, have fun & laugh)
L-Love (positive self talk, delete negative self talk)
I-Invest in herself (self-care things like dressing up, eating right, etc.)
E-Exform [note: this is a word I learned from my therapist who explains that we all have
     information coming at us constantly and "exformation" is getting all that information out of
     your body]  (journaling, honest communication with companions and mission leaders)
V-Value herself (daily gratitude and self love lists, repeating the Young Women's motto,
     sing I Am A Child of God)
E-Enrich (teaching, serving, sharing)

I made her a bookmark with her Believe Strategies to keep in her scriptures for a reminder to follow these strategies daily, but especially when she is having a hard day.

So what is your favorite word?  What would your strategies be?  How would they be written into your favorite word so that you can remember?  I would love to know!

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