Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bedroom Shuffle

No, the Bedroom Shuffle is not a new dance, it is the name I gave rearranging bedrooms several months ago and this week we did it again.  The first few years in this house felt like I was constantly shuffling things around as we worked and repaired a lot of the house.  Eventually, I felt like everything was fixed and in their place and it felt so wonderful!  That lasted about two years before we moved Taylor into our house.  We gave her the guest room to live in.  We didn't know how long she would stay and didn't realize how much she would become a part of our family.

Taylor had almost been with us for a year when we ended up taking in Adam's girlfriend and moving her into our den.  Shortly after that Adam and Hannah got engaged.  It was sometime last summer that we had our first bedroom shuffle.  Adam and Hannah's wedding was a few months away and they were planning on staying with us for an undetermined amount of time after they got married.  I got this wild and crazy idea in which Adam and Hannah could have the guest room once they were married, thus the first bedroom shuffle idea was born.

We moved Hannah into the guest room where Taylor had been staying, then moved Adam into the den and moved Taylor into Adam's room.  We let Taylor paint Adam's old room and she bought her own furniture and decorations and created her very own wonderful oasis.  The room turned out beautifully!

Not long after the first bedroom shuffle, my daughter, Megan, got engaged and her fiancée, Nik, who is from Alabama moved here to be closer to her.  We set up a temporary room for him in our exercise room for several months.  When Adam and Hannah got married he moved into the guest room with her and Nik moved into the den.

With Megan now getting married and not needing her bedroom downstairs, I came up with the idea of Adam and Hannah renting half of the basement (with an easement to my Studio, of course).  Thus began the second bedroom shuffle. 

After Megan and Nik returned from their stay with his family in Alabama after their wedding, we moved them into the guest room upstairs and gave them overflow into the den.  Then we moved Adam and Hannah into Megan's old room, the family room, bathroom and kitchenette all downstairs.  We did the moving out and some of the moving in all in one day.  It was crazy!  Then we painted Adam and Hannah's new bedroom before moving all their furniture into it.

Maybe my Bedroom Shuffle ideas were great, but they sure were a lot of work.  Now that my kids are all married and moved into different spaces (as well as Megan and Nik moving back to college in a few weeks) it is wonderful to think that there will be no more bedroom shuffles in the future, hopefully!

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