Thursday, October 2, 2014

They Eat Plain Food

I've been talking about my stomach problems and the research I have been doing online.  I was reminded recently that answers to our problems can be found in the scriptures.  I wouldn't necessarily say that I doubted that, I would just say that I didn't think the answer would be so forthcoming and specific when I did find it. 

I did a search on my Gospel Library app and read through many of the things that I have read in the past, then I came along a link to an Old Testament Sunday School lesson that then sent me to Daniel 1.  In the summary at the beginning of the chapter there is one line that caught my attention, "they eat plain food."

I went on to read the whole chapter and it talks about how the King gave them food described as "a daily provision of the king's meat and of the wine which he drank."  In the footnotes connected to the word "meat" it says "delicacies."  The chapter then goes on to say that Daniel felt in his heart that eating all that would "defile" himself.  In verse 12 it says that Daniel requested that they have "pulse" to eat and water to drink.  In the footnotes it says that pulse is "foods made of seeds, grains, etc."

I have to admit I was really blown away at what I had read, my stomach does do better with the more simple carbohydrates.  The first specialist I saw had told me that I didn't need to eat that way and that was when I had gone back to eating regular foods but the problems have started up again.  I have my answer for now and an appointment in a few weeks with a different doctor to help me with this process.  So at least until everything heals up, it is back to bland, or rather, "plain" food for me. 

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