Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To Persevere Is Worth The Effort

I was reading a great article entitled "The Blessings of Perseverance" in the April 2014 Ensign by Claudio D. Zivic.  My favorite part was where the author said that he read a definition of the word "persevere" somewhere that he thought was better than the definition that is in the dictionary.  This is the quote:

To persevere means to maintain the ability to endure, to carry on, to continue in the same state without weakening or perishing.  It is being able to go on in the face of pain, oppression, discouragement or suffering without being defeated.

He also goes on to quote President Calvin Coolidge:

Nothing in this world can take the place of perseverance.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.  Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

I really loved both of these quotes, we have been talking a lot about hard work in our home lately, specifically about a friend who has had a very hard life, but had not learned how to work hard.  Learning to work hard and persevere had made a huge change in this friend's life.  To persevere is definitely worth the effort once you see the results.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Love Yourself And Let Your Fears Go

I love watching The Biggest Loser and this year they have several new trainers.  One of them I remember seeing on the show Ruby.  The other one is comepletly new to me, but I really love her philosophy.  She said that you are either coming from a place of love or a place of fear.  This comment really hit close to home with me because a friend and I had been talking about that very thing.  My therapist says it as coming from a place of love or a place of lack.  But it all means the same thing.  If you don't have love for yourself, your fears can take over your life.

I have seen this happen in my own life, it wasn't until I started having more love for myself that I started taking better care of myself.  Just like the contestants in the show I have had to learn how to love myself and I also need to lose weight.  I'm definitely not doing it very fast and I struggle a lot, but as of today I have lost 20 lbs. and my friend has lost 30 lbs. so we are obviously on the right track.

To let your fears go, you need to discover what they are, bring them out in the open and face them.  For me it was talking with my therapist and others to try and get to the root of what they really were.  Once I understood the fears I could realize the falsehood of them.  When I felt my fears creeping up I would remind myself that was the old way of thinking and the new way was and I would replace the old fear statement.  Letting the fears helped me to have more love for myself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Emotional Hernia Connection

When I was going to all kinds of doctor appointments trying to figure out what my stomach pain was, another discovery was made and that was that I have a Hiatal Hernia.  I'm not sure what symptoms are for that specifically since I have had so many different problems in my abdomen.  I'm still having a few lingering problems so I thought I would do some investigating regarding a Hiatal Hernia specifically.

In my go to books (in these books are lists of physical ailments and possible emotional connections to those ailments) it says this under the hernia heading:

"Angry with what's happening in your life, Feelings of being burdened and/or Punishing self."  Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman.

 "Ruptured relationships, Strain, burdens, and/or incorrect creative expression."  You Can Heal Yourself by Louise Hay.

Also, as I was looking online for some home treatment ideas I found this:

Hiatal Hernia is often related to emotions.  The accompanying emotion is that people feel they are sitting on an intensely suppressed subconscious hostility.  They feel over burdened with having to track everything and they are experiencing a deep sense of deprivation and frustration.  Jane Durst Pukys, BSc., RNCP, CNP, wyldeabouthealth.com

Sounds like I have some more things to release, but then again, I knew this was going to be a life long process.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

You Are Free

I read the article You Are Free by Elder D. Todd Christofferson in the March 2013 Ensign, where he shared a story that I just loved and wanted to share.  It starts off with a woman sharing an experience she and her daughter had with her parents and some sheep.

“… Father walked to the edge of the field and called, ‘Come on.’ Immediately, without even stopping to bite off the mouthful of food they were reaching for, all five heads turned in his direction, and then [the sheep] broke into a run until they had reached his side and received his pat on each head. . . . [T]here were five sheep in the field, and five heads went up when he called, but only four ran to Father. Farthest away, clear over on the edge of the field, looking straight toward Father, stood [a] large [ewe]. Father called to her, ‘Come on.’ She made a motion as if to start but didn’t come. Then Father started across the field, calling to her, ‘Come on. You’re untied.’ The other four sheep trailed behind him at his heels.  Then Mother explained to us that some few weeks before this, an acquaintance of theirs had brought the [ewe] and had given it to Father with the explanation that he no longer wanted it in his own herd. The man had said it was wild and wayward and was always leading his other sheep through the fences and causing so much trouble that he wanted to get rid of it. Father gladly accepted the sheep, and for the next few days he staked it in the field so it wouldn’t go away. Then he patiently taught it to love him and the other sheep. Then, as it felt more secure in its new home, Father left a short rope around its neck but didn’t stake it down. . . .  Father and his sheep had almost reached the [straggler] at the edge of the field, and through the stillness we heard him call again, ‘Come on. You aren’t tied down any more. You are free.’"

Isn't this what Jesus Christ has done for us, through the atonement He makes it so that we "aren't tied down anymore" and we are free.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your Ideal Day

I was talking to a friend not too long ago about her days.  She has growing children who don't quite need her as much as they used to and was feeling lost and unsure.  I told her about an idea that I had heard many years ago and still use to this day, it is called Your Ideal Day.  To create your "ideal day" all you need to do is think about how your day would go if it went just exactly how you wanted it to.  What time would you get up, what time would you do your chores, pick-up kids, etc.  Plan out your day with a time attached to each item.  Keep in mind this is an "ideal day" not your actual day.

Once you have your "ideal day" plotted out, use it only as a reference.  For some people this may frustrate them more than give them direction, but you have to see it for what it is, an idea.  This is to give you direction when you are feeling lost and not sure what to do.  I know when I was really struggling with my depression I literally couldn't think of what I needed to do next and that was where the ideal day really came into play for me.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  If it only frustrates you, then toss the idea.  If it helps you stay focused, just keep using it and adjusting it if and when you need to.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting Out Of The Funk

Last week I had a day where I was really in a funk and try as I might, I couldn't get out of it.  I tried doing my work like I usually do and I just couldn't shake it.  Finally, I realized I was going to have to create something.  I have come to realize that when I start creating, whether it is paper crafting or with yarn, I will slowly move out of the funk I am in.

In the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, she talks about "secret shifters" where you create a list of things that you know will help you "shift" out of the mood you are in.  Recently, I was talking with a friend about her being in a funk and I suggested this idea.  She couldn't come up with any "secret shifter" ideas and didn't know what else to do.  So I opened up another book by Rhonda Byrne, The Power, and I found this quote:

When you're feeling any good feeling, you can also amplify it by looking for things you love. . . .  To amplify my good feelings, I thought about all the things I love.  I counted the things I love nonstop one after the other: my family, friends, home, flowers in the garden, the weather, colors, situations, events, and things I loved that happened during the week, month, or year.  I kept listing everything I love in my mind until I felt amazing.

So we tried it, I said, "I love ..." and filled in the blank, then I had her do the same.  We went back and forth for a long time until I started seeing her smile and laugh again.  I think this will know be my fall back now, not only for myself but for those around me, to help get us out of the funk.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tithing First

I was telling someone recently how my goal is to always pay my tithing first.  It really takes the question of whether or not to pay it out of the equation, it is just the first thing you pay when you sit down to do your bills.  I really liked the following that I read in the March 2013 Ensign submitted by Ricardo Reyes Villalta:

Seeing my struggle, several relatives told me that above all else I should pay my tithes because this would help me overcome my trials. But I always ended up paying my bills instead. I was willing to pay tithing when my financial seas were calm, but I became afraid when my financial situation was stormy.  Heading home from work one afternoon after getting paid, I thought of all my debts. I closed my eyes and prayed, “Father, what am I going to do?” At that moment I opened my eyes and noticed on the ceiling of the bus a poster of Peter sinking into a stormy sea with the Savior reaching out to rescue him.  At the bottom of the poster were the words “Unshaken Faith.” I realized I needed to pay my tithing if I ever wanted to pay off my debts.  When I arrived home, I found a tithing envelope and put my tithing inside. As I sealed the envelope, I heard the words “All is well” and felt a joy that brought peace to my soul.  I know that God will bring His blessings into my life when He deems it prudent to do so. Until then the sea may remain stormy, but the peace I feel for obedience is more than enough.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inner Self Helper

I have written a lot about listening to our body, today I want to write about listening to our "inner self helper."  In the book A New Earth by Eckart Tolle he says that at one point he said to himself, "I can no longer live with myself," and then wondered who was "I" and who was "myself."  It was this question that lead him on a road to great discoveries and wellness.

I have noticed at times I will says to myself, "something in me says . . ." or "something in me is telling me to . . ." and I have realized that that "something" is my spirit or as I like to call it, my Heavenly Self.

I don't remember where I got this quote (MPD refers to Multiple Personality Disorder), but I think it is wonderful:

The theory that normals can be MPD-like has many interesting applications in self-development and psychology, but it can also help us understand our spiritual selves. . . .  Ralph Allison coined the term "inner self helper" . . . to apply to the one personality he observed that not only knew all the other aspects, but was also aware of events that none of the other personalities could possibly know. . . .  I believe that the key to successful psychospiritual therapy and/or feeling good is to train yourself to come from the highest possible "observer" - the subpersonality that's most closely associated with the divine, or the higher self.

I really believe that the mind, body and spirit all talk to us and that when we listen to all aspects of ourselves we will find balance and peace.  I find the mind is always talking, but don't forget to also listen to your and your spirit, or inner self helper, as well.