Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On Sunday We Attend Church

I was reading an article the other day ("On Sunday We Attend Church" by Linda Pratt, January 2014 Ensign) where a woman was talking about how she would go to church alone with six small children every Sunday while her husband had a High Council position so was usually traveling to other Wards on Sundays.  She shares how very rarely was she able to sit though a complete meeting because of the children.  One day a lady jokingly said, "I don't know why you even bother to come." 

As this woman thought about that comment she remembered how her own mother went to church every Sunday on her own with her children and how not having a spouse who didn't go to church never stopped her mother from worshipping at church.  My favorite part of the article was when the author said this:

Reflecting on my own situation, I realized I would never neglect to meet my children's physical need for food each day.  So why should their spiritual nourishment be neglected because my husband couldn't be with us all the time?

The author also said that it became easier to go to church because the decision was made once for always, that is, "every Sunday we attend church."  She knew it, her children knew it.  I guess this article struck home to me because that is always how I have been, on Sunday I go to church.  My children have known this too and at church they either sat on the bench or on my lap.  I didn't let them down even if we had to leave the chapel because of crying, I held them out in the foyer.

Don't get me wrong, there have definitely been times where it was really hard to go to church, but I never thought about actually not going, I may have thought about attending a different ward, but I always went.  Church is a staple for me, it brings me peace, answers and definitely that day of worship and rest that I need.  It's quite simple, on Sunday we attend church.

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