Monday, July 7, 2014

Don't Blink

Life sure does change in a blink of an eye and yesterday I blinked and boy did things change.  This is a picture of my son and his fiancé and they are getting married in October, this we have known about for some time. 

A few weeks ago my daughter announced her engagement (the second picture is of her and her fiancé) and they were looking at this January to get married.  I did suggest an earlier time frame because of school schedules so some of this is my fault.  But really, yesterday in a blink, the wedding date was moved up to November. 

So in the blink of an eye, I will be having my children married within a month of each other.  Not to mention our "adoptive" daughter should be receiving her mission call within the next week or two.  I know it is all crazy but it is also wonderful!  What more could a parent want than all of your children to make it to the temple, especially around the same time.

Years ago I kind of "adopted" one of my nieces as well and she was the first one of my "children" to make it through the temple and now I will have five more (natural, "adoptive" and "in-law" children) go through all around the same time.  The Doctor said, "don't blink," but in this case, it was a great blink!

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