Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Be An Ostrich

"Do not take comfort in the fact that your transgressions are not known by others.  That is like the ostrich with his head buried in the sand.  He sees only darkness and feels comfortably hidden.  In reality he is ridiculously conspicuous.  Likewise our every act is seen by our Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son.  They know everything about us."  Elder Richard G. Scott

I know that this quote is directed toward repentance, but when I read it, the ostrich part really stuck out to me in regards to facing our emotions and past hurts.  We may have our heads buried in the sand and feel like those emotions and hurts are comfortably hidden, but just like the ostrich those pains and emotions are ridiculously conspicuous in everything we do.  Likewise our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ know everything about us, they know our pains and they want to help us through them.  We have to pull our heads out of the sand and face our emotions and hurts in order to move forward in our lives just as much as someone who needs to repent in order to move forward in their life.  Don't be an ostrich, choose to face your emotions and past, which is choosing a better life and future.

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