Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep the Main Thing, The Main Thing

We had a really great Relief Society meeting in January with the theme of "Thrive Not Just Survive."  There was a really great speaker (sorry I can't remember her name) and the title of her speech was "Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing" which I believe she said she got from an Ensign article.

She brought out a picture of Paul standing on the water walking towards the Savior and asked us about the different things we noticed in the picture.  The first thing that I thought of when I saw the picture was how when we hear or see something that motivates us we just go for it, just like Paul did when he stepped out onto the water with every intention of walking all the way to the Savior.  But then, just like Paul, we loose our faith, our motivation, our belief, and we fall.

Our speaker had us think about the things that our most important to us, our top priorities and to write them down.  I have done this before, so I thought I knew where she was going with this task.  She had us write down the three most important, which for me were my relationship with my Heavenly Father, my relationship with my husband and children and creating.  I put creating as my third because I have found that when I am down when I start creating somewhere along the way I am pulled up.

Next she asked us to come up with a question or questions to see if we are on target with our top priorities.  This is not where I thought she was going, in fact, I had never even thought of something like this and frankly it was kind of hard coming up with a question.  As we all talked and shared I came up with a few possibilities, but none of them seemed quite right.  Then while the closing prayer was being said it came to me, "am I connecting?"

It seemed to fit everything, am I connecting with my Heavenly Father, am I connecting with my husband, with my kids, with friends and family, am I connecting with others through what I creating and so on.  It is the perfect question for me to ask myself daily to see if I am on target with my most important priorities.

So what are your priorities?  What question would you ask yourself to keep you on target for those priorities?

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