Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You are Receiving Revelaton Every Day

I'm a little behind in my Ensign reading, I'm currently reading the July 2013 issue.  I was reading an article today and came across this quote by President Eyring to a group of Stake Presidents:

Brethern, you are receiving revelation every day.  You are receiving it right at this moment.  What are your major concerns, and what is the Lord telling you about what to do about them?

I had to stop right where I was and write this quote down.  It is not just stake presidents that this applies to, I know that it applies to me as well.  It was the perfect reminder that I needed in that very moment, that I am receiving revelation every day regarding my major concerns.  The question is am I taking the time to pay attention to what the Lord is telling me what to do about those concerns?

So I took a quiet moment to pray and listen to what is being told to me.  I find that me and several others around me right now are in a great change of life and those concerns are weighing heavy on us.  Taking that moment to listen gave me a small glimpse into the direction that I need to go.  I just hope that each day I can do the same as I know without a doubt that He will guide me if I just listen.

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  1. Oh it's so hard sometimes, though. I think my worries to death and then there's so much clutter in my head that I can't manage to sift through and tell which is revelation and which is just noise. Some fine tuning is needed, for sure. Thank you for the quote and the reminder to read the Ensign. <3


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