Monday, November 11, 2013

Using My Reminder App to Feel Successful

I have been working on getting myself back into a system and one of the tools that I have been really using lately is the "Reminder" app on my ipad.  I tend to bury myself all day in a project, but lately I have been breaking things down into small increments.  So for example I timed my chores and divided them into smaller amounts to do each day.  With my business I have just done the same thing, broken all the tasks down into smaller increments and I even time myself so that I will do a little bit of everything each day. 

I had to laugh at myself because not only was I organizing my days and tasks, but I was organizing the organization of those tasks.  Sounds crazy, but what I was doing was creating forms so that I could stay on top of things.  With my business I came up with a 3-2-1 plan, so that I was ordering my supplies 1 month in advance, creating my samples 2 months in advance and planning the samples 3 months in advance.  The form I created just helps me keep track of that so that I know what to work on next as it seems lately I just don't quite know what to do with myself.  Now I just look at the forms and know what is next on the list, and the best part, I am getting ahead!  I'm also getting ahead on my church callings and household tasks.  If for some reason I don't know what to do next (when I down or overwhelmed this really helps) I can open up my reminder app and look at the list. 

You know it is funny that years ago I lived for my To Do List, I had no spontaneity at all and I wasn't paying attention to those around me like I should have, the To Do List had to get done.  Now my list is more of like my Ideal Day, if things go well, this is how it would go, if not, it isn't a big deal.  I have my tasks on the Reminder app on a repeating cycle so if for some reason I didn't get to something it isn't a big deal and I check it off anyway because I know it is going to pop up again.  If it is important, I leave unchecked until I do get it done.

This system is making me feel better and more like the old me that used to be on top of everything.  The last few years with the depression I have felt so unaccomplished and unsuccessful, but now I feel like I am doing more and being more and I love how that feels.

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