Monday, September 23, 2013

Crazy Few Weeks

Wow, it has been a crazy few weeks!  About a month ago my son was in a car accident, he wasn't hurt, but his car was and our insurance company tried to total it.  The thing was it wasn't damaged very much, but more than they deemed the vehicle was worth.  Needless to say I spent several weeks fighting with our insurance company and I finally won out.  So off to the shop his car finally went.

While his car was in the shop, we took a quick trip to Disneyland as a graduation present for one of my girls before the other one headed back to college.  We took my son's girlfriend with us which made for a fun, crazy group.

The day after we got back home, my daughter and I left to drive back to college.  It is a 12 hour drive which makes for a long trip by yourself, so I drove with her for the first 8 hours.  She dropped me off at the Boise Airport and I took a flight back home (benefit of my husband working for an airline) while she drove the last 4 hours on her own.

Then I spent the next week working and also creating some things for our Ward's Super Saturday (I'll be putting those projects up on soon) and then a weekend of workshops, weddings, a temple trip and my niece and her children staying over a few nights.  Super fun, but super crazy busy. 

I've also been extremely tired and I have had to evaluate what is going on with my body to be so tired.  I have noticed a couple of things, my jaw has been really sore when I wake up in the morning and I have been remembering a lot of crazy dreams.  Once I started paying attention to the signs my body was trying to give me, I realized that I am stressing (thus the clenching my teething while I am sleeping and sometimes during the day) and worrying (thus the fatigue as I am in my dream state worrying, more than I am getting into that deep restful sleep).

I got a blessing not to long ago and I was told that I need to keep getting out what is in me.  Well, that thought keeps popping up in my head and I realize that I am not doing that at all.  I haven't been getting in my journaling, exercising or even just talking things out with friends, my therapist or on my blog.  Once again I am reminded that I am not partaking in the self-care that I so desperately need, so, once again, I will get back on track and hopefully stay there longer than I seem to.  If at first you don't succeed . . .