Friday, August 16, 2013

Acceptance In Behalf Of Your Children

My therapist had told me that I have a really good imagination but that it was too bad that I use that imagination.  So this is something I have been working on, but with my children (who aren't children any more) I still can't help but think of the worst, especially when they call me (usually they just text me) I am always afraid it's going to be "I was just in a car accident."  To my dismay, when I answered a phone call from my son the other day that is exactly what he said.  Luckily, he wasn't hurt, just shaken up.

After he returned home we talked for a long time about the experience and we both came to the conclusion that it was a wake-up call for him, that it was time for him to move forward in his life on many things he had been avoiding.  This is also when I thought about one of my favorite quotes, but with a twist.

You much accept that what [your child is] going through is exactly what [they] need to experience to grow spiritually and once you accept that it takes the drama out of the situation.

This quote has helped me many times in my life personally, but I see now it is time for me to use it in my life where my children are concerned.  As they are all adults now I am not in as much of a position to protect them like I could when they were little and that is really hard to accept.  But, I do know that my Heavenly Father has repeatedly promised me that He will watch over them and protect them, can't ask for anything more than that.  So it is time for me to accept that their experiences are exactly what they need and will help them grow in ways nothing else could.

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