Friday, August 30, 2013

What Aren't You Organizing?

I have been on a major reorganization kick here at my house, not sure why I love doing that, but I just really do.  Anyway, as I have been organizing I keep thinking about the book "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" written by Peter Walsh of Clean Sweep fame.  It is a great book I would highly recommend it.  In the book there is a quiz on your organization skills, styles, etc.  I remember when I finished the quiz, I was so proud of myself as I had all but 1 or 2 items not scored high as I am a very organized person.  Then as I read on I was shocked by the next question Peter Walsh poses.  It wasn't a "way to go you are so organized" type of thing, it was more like a "great you have organization in some things, but what about the things you aren't organizing and why aren't you organizing them" thing.

This wasn't something I had ever really considered.  I organized everything in my life, except one area.  The one thing I wasn't organizing was food and menu planning.  You see, food wasn't really that important to me, other than trying to get my family fed properly, but as for myself, just give me a bowl of cereal and I was happy.  I knew I needed to figure out what the problem was with food and menu planning and I set out on a journey to discover what the reasoning was behind my desire to organize everything in my life, but food and menu planning.  Surprisingly to me, I had some deep emotional issues connected to it that I had to work on resolving.  I also had to find tools to help me organize the food area of my life because it wasn't something that came naturally to me like most organization does.  I got a menu planning app, Big Oven, which helps me plan my menus and shopping lists which has probably been the most helpful too, but I also use MyFitnessPal app to pay attention to the food that I do it (let's face it just eating cereal is not very healthy).  I also organized our freezer and fridge so that I know where things are (much to my family's chagrin because I love labels). 

These steps have all helped and I am doing much better in this area.  So how about you, what is it that you aren't organizing in your life and why not?  It is not a question or journey to the answer to take lightly, but it is definitely eye opening!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Acceptance In Behalf Of Your Children

My therapist had told me that I have a really good imagination but that it was too bad that I use that imagination.  So this is something I have been working on, but with my children (who aren't children any more) I still can't help but think of the worst, especially when they call me (usually they just text me) I am always afraid it's going to be "I was just in a car accident."  To my dismay, when I answered a phone call from my son the other day that is exactly what he said.  Luckily, he wasn't hurt, just shaken up.

After he returned home we talked for a long time about the experience and we both came to the conclusion that it was a wake-up call for him, that it was time for him to move forward in his life on many things he had been avoiding.  This is also when I thought about one of my favorite quotes, but with a twist.

You much accept that what [your child is] going through is exactly what [they] need to experience to grow spiritually and once you accept that it takes the drama out of the situation.

This quote has helped me many times in my life personally, but I see now it is time for me to use it in my life where my children are concerned.  As they are all adults now I am not in as much of a position to protect them like I could when they were little and that is really hard to accept.  But, I do know that my Heavenly Father has repeatedly promised me that He will watch over them and protect them, can't ask for anything more than that.  So it is time for me to accept that their experiences are exactly what they need and will help them grow in ways nothing else could.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bland Diet

A couple of weeks ago I was eating dinner and suddenly felt really nauseous then a half-hour later my stomach started really hurting plus a few other obnoxious symptoms as well started.  The only time I felt okay was when I was laying on my stomach or doubled over.  This had happened to me once before, but by the next morning it was gone.  Not this time, it lasted all the next day and into the next so it was off to the doctor I went.  They did a bunch of tests and sent me home with a prescription for an over abundance of stomach acid.  It took about two days, but finally I started to feel better and when I went back for a follow-up appointment after a week I was feeling so much better, or so I thought.  A few hours after my appointment it all started up again, not near as bad, but still a problem.

My doctor had put me on a bland diet in addition to the medication.  I didn't really think about it much, I just thought bland, you know the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast).  I cut out all the citrus, tomato, spicy foods, chocolate (which makes me very sad) and no eating two hours before bedtime as well.  I have to admit the first few days I actually lost a few pounds which was kind of nice, but that didn't last very long.  I had still been eating my almonds, that I just love, and lots of fruit, just not citrus.

Since I was in pain again, I decided I had better research "bland diet" and see if I was doing anything wrong.  Turns out I was doing a lot of things wrong, no seeds or nuts, and here I was eating my almonds when my stomach started hurting, oops!  Oh, and those strawberries I have been eating, a big no-no.  Oh my gosh, no wondering some of my symptoms were lingering, I wasn't helping out my poor stomach at all!  I may have been eating bland, but it turns out that I need to be even more bland.  So another revamp to my diet cutting out the seeds and nuts that I love to eat, most of the raw fruits and vegetables (luckily there are a few that are okay) and I am starting to feel better again. 

My daughter has a lot of the same stomach problems, just not as bad as this, but we have both learned so much through this and what to do when our stomach starts telling us there is a problem via pain.  Isn't that what they say, when you are in pain, your body is talking to you and you had better listen.