Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being a Daffodil Chaperone

Megan, Princess Taylor, Princess Jesse, Me
This year I had the opportunity to be a Daffodil Festival Chaperone.  My daughter and I took turns driving the Sumner, White River and Bonney Lake Princesses to their many events.

Megan and I enjoyed every minute with Princess Jesse, Princess Taylor and Princess Marissa!  They made us laugh constantly, which made our long drives so much more enjoyable.  Between Megan and I, over a two month period, we drove these lovely Princesses to numerous events logging in almost 2,000 miles, not to mention the many hours watching over them at these events.  We both fell in love with these girls! 

Some of the Chaperones:  Me, June, Demetria, Lisa, Anitra
I also met some of the most amazing ladies who were Daffodil Festival Chaperones.  Some, like me, were experiencing this for the first time (many of them were also 2012 Princess moms, so we already knew each which was really fun).  Many of the chaperones had been chaperones for many years.  All of these women were so amazing and were so willing to share their fuel and time sometimes on a moments notice.  Their kindness, generosity and devotion are truly something to behold!  I enjoyed their company so much and miss seeing them already.

Thank you 2013 Daffodil Princesses and Chaperones for making this an amazing experience.

Our beautiful princesses:  Princess Taylor, Princess Jesse, Princess Marissa

Missing you!

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