Monday, March 11, 2013

First Jobs

My daughter has been working her first job for over a month now and it has been interesting watching her grow and change with the experience.  At first, she wasn't sure that it was worth it, then she got her first paycheck and decided that maybe it was.  It isn't the funnest job in the world, but what first job is?  It has been fun talking to others about what their first jobs were.  My husband for instance, summer jobs were in Alaska fishing or working on a fishing boat.  A friend said her first job was identifying roadkill (not sure what the purpose was in that).  I was really lucky in my first jobs, at 13 my gymnastics teacher started paying me to help her with some of the little kids in some of her other classes.  Then at 15 I started working at the SCERA Theater, but I didn't get paid for it because it was a community theater and I only worked one day a week.

I loved working at the community theater, it was just one of those old, beautiful one movie theaters.  It had a candy counter that I mostly worked at, but there was also a counter where you could get a malted shake and every now and then I got to work there.  My favorite shake was the Iron Port which was essentially a red cream soda malted shake, so yummy!

With my affiliation with the community theater, sometimes during the summer they would send me over to the community pool to work as well.  Now that was fun, the smell of the chlorinated pool water and the kids all so happy.  It was practically a tradition to buy candy after a day at the pool and that is what I would do when I worked there.

When I was 16 a friend of mine was working in the new movie theater that had 2 screens, that was a big deal then.  Anyway, she told me they had an opening so I went in to talk to her boss and he hired me.  This is where I lived much of my life for the next 4 years, it is a place that is firmly planted in my heart.  Friends, fun and film, what more could you ask for in a first job? 

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