Monday, November 12, 2012

Trip to Washington D.C.

Amy Richards was one of my roommates in 1984 or 1985.  She was so cute and we hit it off.  She ended up doing a semester at BYU Hawaii and I had bought a ticket to go visit her, but then her dad got sick and she went home to the DC area so I changed my ticket and went there instead to visit her.  As her father was the current President of the Republican Party, Richard Richards, we had the opportunity to do lots of sight seeing around DC.  We even did a quick one day trip on the train to New York City.  I had such an amazing trip which took place in 1987!

Amy Richards & me
Facing Lincoln Memorial with Washington Memorial in the back

Lincoln Memorial Building

Statue of Lincoln

Amy Richards on the steps of the Capital Building

Me on the steps of the Capital Building

Me on the steps of the Capital Building again

Me on the side of the Capital Building

Me inside the dome of the Capital Building
Me at the Roosevelt Monument

Me with Roosevelt's statue

Me in the front of the Roosevelt Monument

Me by the Potomac River

Me at the side of the Washington Monument

Me and Amy Richards by the DC Temple

Me by the DC Temple

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