Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daily Bread

Regarding the exodus of the Tribes of Israel and the miracle of the manna, D. Todd Christofferson said:  "By providing daily sustenance one day at a time, Jehova was trying to teach faith to a nation that over a period of 400 years had lost much of the faith of their fathers.  He was teaching them to trust Him.  In essence, the children of Israel had to walk with Him each day and trust that He would grant a sufficient amount of food for the next day on the next day and so on.  In that way He could never be too far from their minds and hearts.  Once the tribes of Israel were in a position to provide for themselves, they were required to do so.  Likewise, as we plead with God for our daily bread--for help in the moment that we cannot provide for ourselves--we must still be active in doing and providing that which is within our power."

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