Friday, October 26, 2012

Makes Me Smile

I started a 365 day project last year on a different blog,, here is what I said on that first post:

I've been thinking about doing a 365 Day Project for quite awhile. I love the idea of posting 1 thing a day for 365 days all with one theme in mind. As I have mulled over what to do for my first 365 Day Project, a scrapbooking class I taught many years ago came to mind (see my blog for more about that part of my life). It can be very overwhelming to think about starting to scrapbook when you have hundreds of pictures covering years of photo taking. I usually tell people to just start scrapbooking from this point forward and then go back if and when you can.

Another suggestion I have made is to make a book with just your most favorite memories in it. These are the pictures that you stop at extra long and say "ahh" as you are looking through your photos. You know the ones, those photos that have an extra tug at your heart. The class I taught years ago was making a mini-scrapbook entitled "100 Memories That Make Me Smile." It was a 6x6 scrapbook where the students in the class would be able to put just one picture on a page. Doing a scrapbook like this feels more doable. So as I thought about my 365 Day Project I decided I need to do something "doable" and the "100 Memories That Make Me Smile" idea came to mind.

I decided to do 365 Days of things that "Make me Smile." I also thought that since I have been working through depression (see my blog for more on that part of my life) I thought it would be helpful to focus a little every day on something that does make me smile. So, I'm starting tomorrow, on my birthday. So, ready or not, time to start smiling!

That project ended recently and, as I have posted on this blog, I started a new project on that blog.  But I have realized that noticing something that makes me smile and wanting to take a picture of it has become a habit and so I have decided to continue noticing and taking pictures of things that make me smile and posting them on this blog.  It won't be a daily thing, just random as things move me to click that picture.  It makes me happy to think that I will keep this concept going, in fact, it makes me smile.

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  1. Isn't that awesome that something you wanted to do for a little while turned into a thing you want to keep doing forever? I love that project idea. And I love this blog. YOU make me smile (and think and cry and BREATHE) Love you!!


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