Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes All You Can Do Is Survive

Here is our adventure in getting my daughter off to college sort of in slideshow format.

Packing for college
At the airport with all her bags (well, 1 of them is mine)
Got a car rental and then drove for 4 hours
Got tons of bugs on the windshield, so disgusting!
Got her checked in to her dorm, this is her really cool pink bathroom!
Got her all unpacked and set up.
We went to orientation and she got to meet lots of people.
I left her in the hands of darling new roommate to go to their first activity
while I sobbed back to the hotel.
She called me shortly after I got to the hotel saying she wasn't feeling well and then spent
the night throwing up into the new garbage can I got her as she laid on her top bunk.
I went back taking Gatorade and mild foods (this is the day before in her kitchen) to find her with a high fever and still feeling sick.  We got the Gatorade in her but that was it.

She couldn't stand the thought of trowing up all night again in her dorm room so we found the only open room in town for the night and when we walked in this is what we found - a jungle room.

She was able to relax in the crazy jungle room and even slept all night.

I took her back to her dorm in the morning not realizing we had forgotten her key.  We went to the office and no one was there but her one roommate hadn't checked in yet so we borrowed her key to get in her dorm then I ran the key back to the office.  She was finally able to eat and keep it down so that evening I left, again, and sobbed, again.

It was quite the adventure, and sometimes, all you can do is just survive the experience,
and that is exactly what we both did!

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  1. oh...sniff...this makes me sob already just thinking about Savannah leaving for college and it's 3 years away! I can't even make myself go there in my head. (btw...Megan looks so much like you!)


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