Thursday, September 13, 2012

Essential for my Sanity

How funny that I would get a great life tip from a kid's movie, but it does happen like this line I heard in the movie Eldest:

It's essential for my sanity to allocate a certain portion of the day for my own interests.  . . . .  No one can function properly without occasional peace and quiet.

I would get so caught up in the doing of life and being there for my family that I didn't realize that I was missing that quiet connection with myself.  No wonder mothers lose their identity, kids clamoring for attention, activities, chores and so on.  I have come to realize that it truly is essential for my sanity to have some time to myself.  Whether it is reflecting and journaling, or crafting and creating, that time to reconnect with my own spirit, my own needs, strengths, weaknesses, desires and more does more than anything else to help me see the path that I am on and what I need to be doing to keep moving forward.  Getting it at different times in our lives is probably the real hardship here.

When my kids were younger and, especially, when I was working full-time I had to really make an effort to get that time.  At work, I would sneak in an empty conference room for my break.  When I was home with the kids full-time, I didn't make that effort, I didn't realize that I needed it.  I would be with them all day, do chores all evening then fall into bed with my husband without taking any quiet moments for myself. 

Once I started therapy and started journaling again (before I was married I was a faithful daily journal writer) did I realize how badly I had lost myself.  What if I had just taken 15 minutes each day to have that peace and quiet and personal connection, would I have fallen apart like I did?  I am not sure, but I am pretty sure that if I did, it wouldn't have been as severe.  It is not selfish to have something of your own and to take time for yourself, in the end your family will have a happier, calmer person around them.  What's that saying, "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  I didn't realize how true that was until I was truly able to see that sacrificing all for my family wasn't making any of us happy.  Here's to a few minutes to ourselves and to sanity!

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  1. Great post! I had two thoughts when I read this. #1 You're totally right. Just a little time carved out of every day helps to keep us balanced and better able to do the things that are required of us in a day. and #2 Even though it was hard, your falling apart brought you to a place that you needed to be. I always think that challenges and bad days and stupid choices may bring trials, but every time we get through them, we come out better than we were before and hopefully a little more reliant on Heavenly Father.


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