Saturday, July 21, 2012

There's No Such Thing As Normal

Life has been really crazy for me since the beginning of 2012.  The first four months were crazy with all of my daughter's Daffodil Princess events, then the next few months were filled with trying to get her through school which wasn't an easy task.  It was her last few months of high school and she had a severe cash of senioritis, but we made it.  Next was a trip to my daughter's college for a campus tour, then a trip to So. California for a Senior trip with my daughter and some friends and then one last thing, my convention trip to Texas.  Through all of this I kept thinking that I just needed to get through each thing and then I could get back to my life.  Especially after this last trip to Texas, I knew I would be able to get my life back to normal.

During my convention we were able to hear an amazing presentation by Stacy Julian.  She started talking about how we wait for this, that and the other thing (she actually listed a bunch of activities that I can't remember) and then when life gets back to normal we can live our life.  Then she said listen real close and she actually whispered, "there is no such thing as normal." 

Whoa, I felt like I was being called on the carpet right then and there.  That is exactly what I had been doing for many months, waiting for things to get back to normal.  How many times have I heard the quote about waiting until you get a better job, until you have kids, until the kids are grown, and so on about living your life.  I know this, I know that you can't wait for things to live and yet, here I was doing it.  I just let myself get sucked up into that belief even though I know better.  My son is in Brazil on a mission for our church, my daughter is leaving in 6 weeks for college, then I will be an empty nester.  There is definitely no normal in that.  We will have a few months then my daughter will be home for a few months, then a few more months and my son will be home from Brazil, then it will be summer and then they will both be off to college again.  Definitely no normal in that!

What have I been waiting for?  Nope, there is no such thing as normal, you just have to claim your life each day and live it the best you can and quick waiting for things to settle down, be what it was, it never is.  There is no such thing as normal, only living.

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