Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Losing Weight - Month 3

On The Biggest Loser they always have that "dreaded week 2" where the contestants don't seem to lose hardly anything.  I didn't have a "dreaded week 2" but I did have a dreaded month 2.   I did so well the first month, then the second month it was my birthday month and I had a lot of celebrations and opportunities to cheat.  At the end of the month 2 I ended up not losing any weight (but I didn't gain any either so that was good), my body fat percentage went up 1%, but I did lose just over 2 inches.

Originally I thought that I could allow myself one cheat a week, but I realized that I was cheating more than once a week.  I decided to not cheat again until Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow - yippie!  My exercise is still hit and miss, but I did great with my food in month 3.  Again, I'm doing the plate method (divide your plate in half, one half is fruit or vegetable then the other half is divided again and one-fourth is a protein and the other one-fourth is a carb).

In my last Losing Weight blog entry I had a picture of an average breakfast for me, this time I'm including a picture of an average lunch.  For lunch I usually do a protein shake for my protein, for the carb I will usually do another small cup of cereal (I like my cereal) or something similar like this muffin (it is a large muffin, so I will only eat half of it) and, of course, I have my half a plate of fruit.

So at the end of Month 3 I have lost 9 lbs., 6 inches and 2% body fat.  After 3 months of my "Losing Weight" plan, I have lost a total of 20 lbs., 21 inches and 8% body fat.  I am down several sizes in my clothing too which is really cool!  After Thanksgiving, I'm planning on not cheating again until Christmas.  I can't wait to see how well I have done at the end of the next month!

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