Thursday, October 13, 2011

Affirmations are My New Truth

I pulled out Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life again the other day because I was really struggling with fatigue and my weight loss had stalled for several weeks and I was looking for answers.  The reason why I thought of this book in particular is because I was talking to a friend who had been suffering and through an affirmation was finding relief.  I had forgotten about affirmations, it seems like I learn things that are so important to my well-being and then I get busy with life and forget about them.  I had learned in the past that affirmations are the positive statement that counter acts the negative false belief we have been telling ourselves (see my blog entry "Mistaken Beliefs").

I decided to start with my Problem of fatigue and I looked it up.  I was a little surprised that the Probable Cause said, "Resistance, boredom.  Lack of love for what one does."  The Affirmation suggested for this Problem is, "I am enthusiastic about life and filled with energy and enthusiasm."  Wow, this really was just what I needed.  I have spent so much of my life working, taking care of kids and home and then the last few years working through my emotional and physical issues that I didn't see how I now have more free time.  My time required as a mother and house-wife has been reduced considerably since my son left on his mission and my daughter is on her last year of high school.  The home projects I have been working on the last several years have mostly been completed.  The time required for me to heal my past pain, anxiety and depression is very little now than when I first started the process.  I have more time than I was used to, but I didn't see it, I was still seeing my schedule in terms of the past.  When I saw the word "boredom" I realized that it was true, it was time to redefine my days which I have and doing so has given me more energy than I have felt in quite awhile.

As I was also struggling with my body not letting go of weight, I looked up the Problem of "fat" and as I had mentioned in my blog entry "Losing Weight," the Probable Cause is connected to anger, but there was one line I hadn't paid attention to, it says, ". . . a resistance to forgive."  This brought to mind a conversation I had with my mom last week where she had mentioned that I need to learn how to forgive myself.  I had been releasing anger, but I had not made that extra step of forgiveness.  A couple of the Affirmations in this category say, "I nourish myself with spiritual food, and I am satisfied and free.  I am willing to forgive the past.  It is safe for me to go beyond my parents' limitations." 

The forgiveness portion of this affirmation isn't always an easy thing to do, but I knew this had to be part of the whole equation the moment I read it.  I also realized that as I hit the punching bag I don't always have to have a specific thing to be angry about, I can just release anger that has built up in my body.  Sometimes I can have something specific, sometimes I can just punch and if something comes up, I will address it, otherwise just the motion of punching can release any built up anger.

After I am finished punching I do some breathing and stretching exercises and the last few days as I have been doing these exercises, I keep in mind forgiveness for others and for myself.  At first I had held in all my anger, then I was letting out the anger in an appropriate way, but not finding the peace I needed after the release of the anger.  By forgiving (if only partially), I am finding balance.  I found that on the one side of the teeter-totter is anger and the other side is forgiveness, once again bouncing back and forth between the two, that is balance (see blog entry "Joy is in the Bouncing").

Writing down, re-reading and saying these affirmations has provided more energy and peace for me over the last several days.  I am so grateful to have been reminded about how helpful affirmations can be.  Living with a new truth is much healthier than living with an old mistaken belief.

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