Monday, September 26, 2011

Losing Weight

I have known for years that I was overweight, but now after dealing with emotional therapy and depression the weight has compounded.  I was realistic though, I knew I couldn't deal with both emotional and physical so I chose emotional.  I have been working through emotional, anxiety, co-dependency and depression issues for over three years and am now feeling so much better.  I could feel that the time was coming to start working on the outside, but I was still struggling with the how.

My Inspiration Outfit
Last month I took my daughter and friend on a vacation.  We decided to go shopping and found ourselves in a clothing store with really cute, modest clothes.  My daughter was finding all kinds of stuff to try on, but our friend and I weren't so lucky as the store didn't carry clothes for us bigger girls.  So I decided that we were going to find inspiration outfits.  We had fun going around in the store finding one outfit that inspired us the most.  I bought those outfits for us so that we could hang them up and use them as inspiration to lose weight.  I told our friend that we were going to start the day after we got back from our trip.

During the rest of the trip I kept thinking about our goal to lose weight and wondering how I was going to do it and then it just popped into my head - the plate method.  If you know anyone who is diabetic, the plate method is a quick and easy way to watch your food and make sure that it is balanced.  I really hadn't been eating balanced meals, in fact, I wasn't even sure why I had been gaining weight because I really didn't eat much.  I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a bowl of cereal for lunch and sometimes even for dinner (another sign of depression, you don't want to eat).  It was the only thing that even sounded good.

Plate Method - Breakfast
When "the plate method" popped into my head with it came a picture of a plate divided in half with fruit on one half, the other half was divided in half again on one-fourth was a container of yogurt and the other fourth was a small cup of cereal (I love my cereal).  I was so excited, I told our friend we were going to do the plate method and exercise every day.

The day after we got home I started, I weighed and measured myself, I even took pictures.  I cut out all the sweets, added lots of water, I would have a handful of almonds twice a day as snacks and started using the plate method for all three meals.  I did allow myself one cheat-treat a week, sometimes it was a shake, sometimes a piece of cheesecake, just something really yummy!  I was hit and miss on the exercise, but got at least three days a week in.  I was amazed because it was working!  Reducing the quick burning carbs to the size of one-fourth of a plate and adding in the fruit and protein has made all the difference.

Another component that I added was "Releasing Anger."  In the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay under the category "Fat" it has individual categories which say, "Arms - Anger at being denied love; Belly - Anger at being denied nourishment; Hips - Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents; Thighs - packed childhood anger" so I decided releasing my anger had to be part of the weight loss plan.

The punching bag
Earlier this year I had given my husband a punching bag as a gift and I have found myself using it to release anger.  I stand by the punching bag and say, "I'm angry that . . ." and then I fill in the blank.  I put in things from my childhood to the present.  Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with stuff, but then I'll get going and suddenly find myself yelling out things and hitting the punching bag with all I have.  Then when I'm worn out I do some breathing exercises that help me center myself again.  I'm not sure how much of this component is helping with the weight loss, but I know it is helping emotionally.  Anger was something I was always afraid of, now I know I can let it out in a controlled way and then it isn't being stuck in my body.

  I have been following this plan now for over a month and I have lost 11 lbs., 12 inches and 7% body fat.  I still have a long way to go, but this is definitely something I can do for the long haul!  I still can't zip up the skirt in my inspiration outfit, but I can get it on, so I'm moving in the right direction!

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