Friday, April 29, 2011

Spiritual Living - The Power of Prayer

I was telling a friend how much I miss the old Relief Society Spiritual Living Lessons and so I decided to try and find a way to incorporate it into my life and what better way than by blogging my own lessons I learn through spiritual living.

Even though this is really my daughter's spiritual living lesson, I was a part of it and I just really wanted to share these stories.  Here is the first one:

Several month's ago my daughter and I went shopping with my niece at Marshall's.  We found some really cute things, made our purchase and started to walk out of the store when my daughter realized that her jacket was missing.  Apparently, she had draped it over her arm and now it wasn't there.  We asked if there was anything in lost and found, but it wasn't there.  She looked back in the dressing room, nothing there.  Then we looked all over the store several times and still we couldn't find it. 

We stopped and said a prayer asking for help to find the jacket (this was a new, and really cute jacket that we had recently bought at Kohl's so we really wanted to find it).  We continued to look everywhere we had looked before again.  We looked for a half an hour and still nothing.  I told my daughter to say her own prayer and I did the same.  In my personal prayer I asked that she have an opportunity to see the power of prayer.  We started down another aisle, and she found it under one of the clothing racks.  We were so grateful to find it and me especially for her to experience an answer to her prayer.

This is the second experience that I wanted to share:

My daughter has been working on her Junior paper, which is due today.  It is part of her culminating project that she has to pass in order to graduate next year.  I have been helping her with the project by reviewing it for corrections and encouraging her when she would get frustrated and discouraged. 

Last night she was on the final stretch.  She had just finished her conclusion and then her screen went black.  We tried unplugging everything, pulling out the battery and putting it all back together several times and still nothing.  Of course, she started to freak out.  I hurried and called Mike Dempsey of Mike's Help Key who is our computer repair man.  It was about 9:15 pm and I felt weird calling late (my own personal rule is to not call anyone after 9:00 pm) but this was an emergency.  No one answered so I left a message. 

I turned around and looked at my daughter and she was crying.  I said that we needed to seriously get on our knees and pray.  I said the prayer and when I finished I told her to listen for the answer and then the phone rang.  We just looked at each other with shocked looks on our faces and then I ran for the phone.  It was Mike and he said his son could help us right then.  We drove over there immediately with her dead laptop.  He worked his magic and we came home with her documents on a memory stick (we left the laptop for them to work on later).  She finished up her paper on my computer and was done around 11:30 pm which wasn't bad considering everything that happened.  On our way home from Mike's, I had said to her that if she didn't have a testimony of the power of prayer by now, this experience should have taken her over the top!

I know these experiences aren't as amazing and profound as some people's experiences, but for my 17 year old daughter, both of these moments were very important to her.  Both of us came away from these situations knowing that our Heavenly Father truly does care about each of us and the things that are important to us, no matter how big or small.  I truly believe that the power of prayer is very real.

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