Friday, March 18, 2011


This is one of my favorite poems, I could see how Heavenly Father feels as we go through trials and challenges knowing we will be better people when it is done.  Even though I hate it when my kids are going through challenges, I can also see the things they learn from those challenges and the growth is amazing.  It's still hard to appreciate difficulties though!

by Carol Lynn Pearson

You have come in
Like a wounded animal
That crawls into a log
To die.

Do not think me
It's just that I have
Been through it
So many times
And seen it
So many times
And know
I'll see it again.

I will hold your hand.
But, if you see me
Smiling just a little
While you're writhing and torn,
Please understand
That I know labor pains
When I see them --

And frankly, I can't wait
To see what is struggling
To be born.

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