Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breathe Strategy - B is for Be Still

I was diagnosed with Depression almost a year ago and put on medication which has helped.  Although most of the time I feel better, there are some days where the Depression can still set in.  I call it being in a "funk" and this last week I had quite a few days in that "funk."  Saturday I was going though my past notes from therapy and books I've read dealing with co-dependency, anxiety and depression and found just what I needed.  I don't know why I can't seem to remember this lesson, but it is quite simply this, when I am in a "funk" I need to pay attention to how I have been treating myself.  I realized I hadn't been following any of my B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Strategies (see column to the left for more details).  I had been exceptionally tired so I was sleeping a lot and thinking that is getting rest, that fits into the "B" or "Be still" part of my Breathe Strategies, but really it doesn't.  Sleeping, reading, watching tv and similar activities may have you not moving, but you are not being "still" inside.  You are mostly just dumbing down or numbing your brain.  What I needed to do was things that rest my emotions, my soul, such as meditation, journaling, etc.   I believe I was inspired with the Breathe Strategies and yet I keep forgetting to put them into action in my life.  So, I've decided to post a blog weekly as to what Breathe Strategy I am focusing on each week.  I know it will help me, and hopefully others to.

So, this week my B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Strategy to focus on is the "B" which is for "Be Still".  I love writing in my journal, somehow it just clears my head and I had been putting it aside for a few days, so I have gotten back into that.  I have several meditations on my ipod, so I listened to one this morning.  Yesterday I took a long bubble bath which is always very relaxing.  This time it took me 4 days to get out of the funk, I can usually get out of it within 24 hours, this time I just forgot to do what I know works.  Once I was reminded what I needed to do, it worked great.  Other things I like to do and will continue to do this week are:  listen to gentle music, dance with fun music, create something (which is usually some sort of paper or needle craft item), sit outside, writing (not just journaling) and use my Chi machine (check out HTE's chi machine).  You don't need hours to "Be still"  sometimes as little as 10-15 minutes can restore your balance, and yes, sometimes you need more.  The important thing is to take some time each day to nourish your soul.

I know that I need to listen to myself more often, especially when I find myself saying, "breathe, Renae, breathe" that is when I know that I'm way off on my Breathe strategies which help keep me balanced.  To restore that, currently delicate balance, this week I know I just need to take a moment each day to "Be still."

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  1. LOVE it! Can't wait for the weekly reminders. My "funk" is called the "mists of darkness." But I have a routine every morning that keeps the mist at bay. I listen to a B of M CD, then I go into Savannah's room (which is all pink and beautiful in the mornings) and I pray. And then I listen...for as long as I hear something.
    Some days, the whole routine requires about 2 hours, but it usually gives me that clarity and perspective that I need and arms me for whatever the day brings. Thanks for sharing...your posts are always inspiring!


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